This helps in converting traffic into potential customers by displaying your ads to the right audience whose main intent is to buy a commercial item related to what you sell.

The PPC model is particularly ideal for businesses looking for their first set of customers or companies establishing their online brand image. Statistics show that a whooping 70,000 Google searches happen each second. The time has never been better for businesses and brands to optimize their conversion rates in order to achieve maximum Return on Investment (ROI). PPC helps in achieving these goals.

Some of the advantages of using PPC as a marketing channel are:

1. The results(clicks) are quicker to achieve

2. It is trackable and can be measured with the proper analytics and tools.

3. You have the budget under control

4. As an organization you have the full control over when and how the ads are supposed to run

5. Targeting of customers is easier based on their data.

6. There are wide range of options available for ad formats to choose from

Google Ads is the primary go to place for most businesses looking to succeed in PPC campaigns as its no secret that Google has the highest search traffic on the internet.

Advertisers start by researching and selecting proper keywords and creating individual campaigns for the keywords.

The campaigns are adjusted to match the exact or broader query and display the ads to the right audience.

Every campaign is allocated a fixed daily budget. Budgets should be created to match the ideal account goals.

Roughly a PPC process comprises of the following steps:

1. Start with a keyword analysis and research.

2. Targeting or segmenting the right group of audience

3. Ad copywriting

4. Creating an attractive landing page.

5. Keyword Bid Management

6. Tracking the implementation process

7. reviewing the performance with analytics, tools

PPC is faster as compared to SEO in generating B2B and B2C leads.

Also on page SEO is more time consuming than creating a rewarding PPC campaign. In PPC a business pays for real clicks and not mere views. Also with PPC it is easy to rank faster and higher on the search engines.

Some our PPC services include:

Website audit and find keywords
Competitive analysis and keywords
Set up campaigns
Location targeting

s are:

Monitor keywords every hour
Account structuring
Camping performance monitor every day
Location targeting and mobile targeting
Monthly reporting on campaign performance

However, in the long run, the right combination of SEO and PPC is going to turn your business successful. We do your content marketing easy. Contact us if you have any custom made content requirements

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