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Realtime data shows that almost half of the planet uses an email. So, if a company is not indulging in email marketing, then they are losing out a potential chunk of customers.

Let me give you a real-life example. Once while browsing casually through websites reading about Pinterest designing, I signed up the newsletter of one of the websites.

Then the emails started pouring in. There was one email every week talking about the importance of creating creative pins. Even though I was often prompted to click on the famous Unsubscribe button, like I often do, there was something different about these emails.

They seemed personal, addressing me in the first person, the writer often shared some intercepts from her real life, which made her feel so relatable, as if it was someone I knew. Then came a day when she asked me, the reader to join a free 5-day Canva program. Even though I already knew there are no free lunches in the world, I fell right into the trap and ended up signing up for a 200$ service which I have no plans of using anytime soon!!

The reason I signed up for this service is because even though the email marketing was a clever gimmick by the small business, it had a personal touch to it. It felt very relatable. The content of the email was very interesting and captivating. Every single email added to my knowledge of Pinterest.

I, as a reader could say they were written after some research and weren’t the usual disconnected one-off emails.

If you are still not sold on my suggestion to spend some budget on curating the subscription list, sending out newsletters and setting aside revenue to spend on email marketing, then let me tell you this. Every second person in the world has an email ID and every fourth person has that email ID open in their smart phones.

So if you timed your email right, there are high chances that it would be clicked and opened by receiver. If you use the right words and tone of communication, then the bets are higher that the reader turns into a subscriber or follower. With more followers and subscriptions, you establish your brand and are one step closer to converting these followers into customers.

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Emails can build interpersonal relationships between the seller and the customer. Once your brand becomes credible and gains trust of the people, they are going to talk about your business and spread the good faith around.

While the world of search engines and social media is constantly changing, email marketing is something that you have full-fledged control on.

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